Seven Steps for Work and Travel

  1. Brainstorming

    The good thing about the Work and Travel program is that you are independent. Your trip is not determined by the acceptance of a guest family, university, company or any other organization. All you need is a flight and some money, and then off you go. What you look at or when you work is entirely up to you.

  2. Visa and passport?

    • If you need a visa or passport depends on what country you want to go to. If you already have a passport, be sure it is valid long enough.

    • Applying for a visa is different for each country. Anything from applying upon arrival at the airport to applying ten weeks in advance is possible. For more information click on the country information page.

    • Be aware that a visa can be expensive.
  3. Health insurance

    Health insurance is indispensable. Find out for sure if you need additional coverage. If you are staying in Europe, your own health insurance covers the costs in the event of illness. Most of the time you need additional health insurance coverage if you must apply for a visa. Be very careful that the insured amounts provide adequate coverage.
    For more information click here or continue on health insurance.

  4. Travel plans

      Do you need a plane, bus, train, car or perhaps even a boat? Whatever you choose, plan far enough in advance. If you book very early you can save quite a lot of money, especially with flights.
      Before departure, prepare your schedule for the first days away from home. Do you want to jump right in and begin looking for a job? Do you want to travel a bit first? Do you want to buy a car? Or do you want to stay where you are and see what comes up?

      However you choose to spend your time at first, having a general plan makes life easier for yourself. It is sometimes possible to have found a job before leaving home.

  5. Further information

      • Do not forget to cancel or suspend contracts. For example, mobile phone, apartment rent, memberships, insurance policies.
        For more information click here.

      • Decide if you need a credit card. The application for this also requires some time.
        For more information click here.

  6. Packing

    Since you will be traveling as a backpacker and will be going on a hike or two, the best thing to do is take a big backpack. This should be very durable and provide enough room for everything: shoes, change of clothes, food and all sorts of "outback equipment" you will need.
    Information about important documents click here.

    • It is best to make a list before packing. Find out if things you need or do not wish to live without are available in the country of your choice. For example, medication, cosmetics or snacks.

    • Do not take too much with! You will probably buy many things during your overseas stay. All this has to be brought back home somehow.

    • Pay attention to weight and size limits of luggage. (Check the regulations of the airlines you are flying with

  7. Do not forget to relax and look forward to your new experience!