Young Travel Outgoing - FROM GERMANY ABROAD

The German health insurance company “HanseMerkur” convinces with its price-performance-ratio. Due to the high treatment costs, one must expect higher premiums when traveling to the USA or Canada.


  • Au-Pairs, students, language students, university students, scholarship students or doctoral students, participants in work & travel programs
  • Temporary stay abroad up to 5 years
  • Premium from 1,05 per day
  • No deductible
  • Closure up to age 35
  • Conclusion must be filed prior departure
  • Early return and extensions (within maximum coverage period) possible
  • Civil liability- and accident insurance can be booked separately
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Tarifoptionen Basis Premium
Maximum duration up to 5 years up to 5 years
Maximum age up to the age of 35 up to the age of 35
Deductible no no
Home transportation & funeral expenses each 10.000 Euro yes
Transportation to in-patient treatment yes yes
Travel expenses for relatives in event of
in-patient treatment (at least 14 days) of insured person
no 1.000 Euro
Daily comensation of in-patient treatment 25 Euro/day 75 Euro/day
Delivery (after 8 month waiting) yes yes
Premature birth 50.000 Euro 50.000 Euro
Pregnancy check-ups and treatment 250 Euro yes
Dentures (accidental) up to 500 Euro 2.000 Euro
Psychological treatments (up to 5 times a year) no 1.000 Euro
Restoring function of dentures (50%) up to no 2.000 Euro
Pain relieving dental treatment up to up to 250 Euro yes
Prescribed massages, medical packages and inhalations up to no yes
prescribed medicine and bandages yes yes
Precribed accident appliances yes yes
Out-patient treatment yes yes