From Germany to the World

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Young Travel Outgoing
Premium from1,05 Euro per day
Closure up to age 35
Two different tariffs: Basic and Premium
No deductible
For stays of up to 5 years
Conclusion must be filed prior departure
Civil liability- and accident insurance can be booked separately
Worldwide Travel Options, first class coverage
Worldwide coverage, including USA, for all nationalities
Single Trip, Basic Cover: From 2,47 Euro per day, plus 42,00 Euro, a one-time basic premium
Annual Trip, Basic Cover: From 109 Euro per year, renewal premium minus 25%
Different currencies: USD/EUR/CHF/GBP
5% discount, if you sign the worldwide travel options up on our website
Free cover for children under the age of two
Most dangerous sports and occupations covered
Risk and war zone cover, risk fee for Iraq and Afghanistan
Duration of cover: Maximum 12 month, easy to extend online even on a trip
Optional coverage: Baggage, liability and trip cancellation