Let´s go abroad

Do you wish to get away from everything? Whether it is a long trip, a semester abroad or a job overseas, it is well worth it. The experiences you make will help you grow in many ways and widen your horizons. In order to have the best possible experience, be sure to gather the necessary information and helpful tips about your destination before departure.
Click on the country of your interest and find information about visas, quality of medical care, interesting sights, local specialities and journal entries from people who stayed in that country. If the country of your choice is not available, we apologize and ask for your understanding.

Africa - the home of the Sahara

Africa consists of 54 different countries. One glance at a map shows you that the borders do not follow natural boundaries. Many of the countries are still influenced by the former colonial powers. The continent has many stories to tell. Most of these stories are sad ones, such as those of slavery, civil war and exploitation. Many people do not know that the developing countries have gorgeous landscapes and nature. Excursions that promise to be quite adventurous go into the numerous savannas; into the Sahara, the largest desert; and include a journey on the Nile, the longest river in the world; all these promise to be quite adventurous. One of the world's oldest "bush tribes" stems from Africa. The continent lies in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and there are six different time zones.

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Asia - The continent of two faces

The word "Asia" means sunrise and the continent is the largest in the world. More than half of the world's population lives in Asia. What is most noticeable in every Asian country is the difference between life in the city and life in the country. There may be the fastest train in the world in a city, but not far from that, oxen and donkeys are the most important farming aides in the village. Asia is consistently becoming a more important trade partner for all other continents in the world.

The Asian people have an extremely interesting culture, with which you should become familiar in order to succeed in business relations. Asia, which borders on Europe in the west, lies geographically in the Northern Hemisphere, with the exception of a few islands in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Europe - the continent with the oldest history

Europe is not much larger than Australia and yet all the world is talking about it. One of the reasons for this is that the second smallest continent consists of 47 countries. This part of the world is very interesting, whether economically or culturally. In the north, people are inter culturally open and attract others with good working conditions. In the south, the Italian spirit and Spanish easygoing lifestyle set the tone. Germany lies in the heart of Europe and borders directly on Switzerland. Switzerland belongs to the few countries that keep themselves completely out of the European Union. The origin of European life and therefore the start of the western lifestyle is Greece.
This continent has a country for everyone. It is an interesting part of the world with a lot of history, culture and potential for a new job.

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North America - the continent of both the wealthiest and the poorest countries

In this part of the world, Greenland, Canada, the United States and Mexico can be found. This continent is economically dominated by the powers of the USA and Canada, but the heavenly beaches of the Caribbean and the Bahamas also attract many. This is a continent on which you can find everything from cosmopolitan cities to deserted villages. Although it was discovered last, along with South America, its influence is felt worldwide. The world looks especially to the USA, which was the world's economic power until recently. Living on this continent for some time improves more than only your language skills.

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