Helbich GmbH in Cooperation with German Health Plans Worldwide Inc.

Our company, in existence since 1991, has specialized in international health insurance support and consultation. We consult everyone on short-term or long-term stays abroad, as well as those permanently living overseas.

The close cooperation with our renowned insurance partners in Germany and Europe has made it possible for us to provide optimal insurance coverage for your individual needs. We support clients from Singapore to Canada, with the result that we have more than 35 different nationalities in our client base. Many of our clients live in the United States.

We have upheld our company's philosophy throughout all the years of our existence:

  • Our clients' desires come first
  • We find the best possible insurance company working closely with the client
  • We provide flexible and up-to-date consultation
  • We maintain long-term client support

Why not deal directly with insurance companies?

First of all, you should know there is no difference in insurance fees if you take out a policy from our website. The only difference is that you get more for your money with us.

We devote time to your request. We know what health insurance you need for your stay. We answer any and all of your questions and can give you valuable tips via email, Skype or telephone. We share the experience of other clients with you and stand by you if it is necessary to consult a doctor or go to the hospital. Our clients really appreciate this and we get about half of our new clients through the recommendations of satisfied clients.

We purposely reinforce our office staff in the US with interns from abroad. Who could be more helpful than someone who personally had to take care of the many details for an extended stay overseas?

Do you have any questions?

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