Adelheid Helbich


  • Born and raised in northern Germany
  • Apprenticeship as a fashion and jewelry designer
  • Independent consultant specializing in health insurance since 1987
  • Co-founder of Helbich GmbH in 1991
  • Certification as insurance specialist (BWV) in 1994
  • Opening of the New York office in 2001
  • Relocation of the office to Cape May, New Jersey, in 2009
  • Exclusive CEO of German Health Plans Worldwide Inc. since 2011

Personal data

Ms. Adelheid Helbich is a certified insurance specialist (BWV) and has more than 25 years of experience in the private health insurance sector. After supporting clients from all countries of the world for many years, she is familiar with the challenges people face during an overseas stay. Adelheid Helbich grew up in northern Germany. After successfully completing her apprenticeship as a fashion and jewellery designer, she opened a fashion boutique in Berlin and soon after that in Vienna.

She began her professional re-orientation as a financial consultant after moving to Hamburg in 1987. She specialized as a consultant in the areas of health insurance, financial security, real estate and financing. Continued success confirmed the wisdom of this change and she co-founded Helbich GmbH Financial Care Concepts with her business partner, Dr. Nikolaus Helbich, in July 1991.

As a confirmed self-employed woman, Adelheid Helbich has devoted over 25 years to the individualized consultation of her clients. Because the client base became more and more international, the business partners decided to found German Health Plans Worldwide Inc. in New York in July 2001 and in New Jersey in 2006.

A central concern of Ms. Helbich's own personal and business philosophy is the personalized and individualized consultation of clients. It is of utmost importance for her to work together with the client to find the most appropriate and fitting solution for each personal situation.

Clients describe Adelheid Helbich as a very warm person, who focuses on the essentials and for whom individualized and competent service comes first.